Rules and Information for Race Day

Each reserved parking space is allowed 2 fifths of hard liquor (750 ml each), 3 bottles of wine, & 3 six-packs of beer/seltzer/ RTD’s. No one will be allowed to bring alcohol to track from the GA Parking area. Avoid glass whenever possible.

15 people per reserved parking space.

Races run rain or shine.  No refunds will be made.

Thunder and lightning may postpone a race, however the race will continue once the storm has passed as long as the footing is safe for the horses.

TUNE to 103.9 for race updates.

No drones.

Remember your extra trash bags! A trash bag has been placed in each reserved parking space. Trash barrels and dumpsters are supplied for you to dispose of your trash. Please help us in preserving the property.

Food vendors are available in the Orange Park. Those parking in General Admission can bring in food, but are subject to search.

Weapons are prohibited.

No re-entry from General Admission parking lot.

For your safety and the safety of the horses the racecourse is off limits to the public except at designated crossings at designated times.

No Dogs or Pets of any kind are allowed on the grounds, except for sanctioned activities.  Vehicles containing dogs or pets will be turned away at the gate with no refund given.

We allow 10 x 10 pop up tents. These tents should be erected at least 4 ft off the rail.  Please be mindful of your neighbor(s) and avoid space overcrowding.

You may leave your car overnight. All cars must be picked up before 5pm the day after the races.

No grills or open fires are allowed anywhere on the grounds.

Failure to honor race day policies may result in expulsion from grounds, loss of reserved space(s), and prosecution where applicable. Areas will be patrolled for compliance in the interest of safety and adherence to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

As a guest on Foxfield property, we require you to obey all laws, directions, and policies, which will be enforced by Law Enforcement and Foxfield Security.

Please be safe and responsible, and we hope you have a great time at the Foxfield Races, Facebook “Foxfield Races Virginia”, and Instagram #foxfieldracesvirginia