Onlookers lean on the race rail at Foxfield

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tickets?

There are several options for purchasing tickets to see either the fall or spring races. You can buy online here. You can also contact the Foxfield Race Office to place an order for tickets, (434) 293-9501 or We will also have select retail outlets in Charlottesville that offer tickets for sale. The retail outlets will be posted on the website with the ticket information.

How do I keep my reservation?

If you have a pre-reserved parking space that you would like to discuss, please contact the Foxfield Race Office, (434) 293-9501 or The race office staff will be able to discuss all arrangements for the parking space with you.

Our address is 2215 Foxfield Track, Charlottesville VA, 22901. You can also find directions here.

What are the rules and regulations for race day?

Please click here to view or print our rules and regulations. Please read carefully, as you are agreeing to this by purchasing tickets to The Foxfield Races.

Can I drink alcohol?

Only if you are 21 years old or older and the alcohol is lawfully acquired. Please review the rules for details.

What is the difference between the color-coded sections?

The Green section is home to general admission and tends to have families with children and establish groups. During the fall race, the Green section is home to the Children’s Tent with activities to younger attendees. The Orange section is usually occupied by students from colleges and universities in and near Central Virginia. The Blue section is on the outside rail and is a very relaxing area to view the races. It is also a very easy area for Handicapped Accessible requests. The Pink and Purple sections host Sponsors and Patrons. 

What is the last day I can order tickets?

The last day to order tickets online is the day before the races at midnight. You will be able to purchase tickets through the race office up until the day before the races, given availability. Select retail outlets will have tickets available on race day. Tickets at the Gate on race day are $10 more than the regular price.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

If you lose your ticket, please contact the Foxfield Race Office and speak with our Ticket Manager, Kristen Rhodes. Foxfield will address lost tickets on a case by case basis. 

I didn’t receive my ticket at the right address, what can I do?

If you did not receive your tickets in the mail, please contact the race office (434) 293-9501 or in advance of race day. Foxfield will address mis-shipped tickets on a case by case basis and will be happy to assist you in finding a solution prior to race day. If you do not contact Foxfield prior to race day, anyone who comes to the gate without their parking pass or tickets will be turned away.

Do children need tickets?

Children 8 and under are free of charge but will need a Child Ticket in the Pink and Purple Section only, which are available through the Foxfield Race Office. Children in the Orange, Green, Blue, Chalet Tent and South Hill do not need a ticket.

Can I bring my dog?

No, we love dogs, but not at the races. 

Will I get to interact with the horses?

No interaction or touching of the horses is allowed. Thoroughbred racehorses are best observed from a distance. 

What should I wear?

You’ll see everything from Sunday Best to Country Casual for both men and women at the Foxfield Races. Women lean towards dresses, while men are usually in a shirt and tie, often paired with khaki shorts. Hats are a big favorite at the races! The most important thing to remember is to wear appropriate shoes or boots, as you will be in a field the whole day.

How do I get a tent?

Due to the safety of horses and riders, personal pop-up tents with four corner stakes may be used in your parking spot. Your tent must be adequately secured in the ground and behind the line drawn in your space.  Virginia Tent Rentals can provide a 10×10 tent for $200.  Please add this to your cart when purchasing tickets, or call the office to make arrangements at least 7 days prior to race day.

Please contact the Foxfield Race office (434) 293-9501 or and we will be happy to assist you with arrangements.

How do I get there?

Our address is 2215 Foxfield Track, Charlottesville VA, 22901. You can also find directions here

Is food available at the races?

There are vending stands with food for purchase in the Green Infield. Most attendees bring food and beverages for tailgating on race day, but if you have access to the infield you can also enjoy our food trucks. 

Can I leave my car overnight?

Yes, you may leave your car overnight. The gates will open the next day at 9 AM for you to pick up your vehicle. After 48 hours, your car will be towed. Foxfield Racing LLC encourages those who have consumed alcohol to leave their vehicles on the property and find a ride safely home. 

Where can I purchase Foxfield merchandise?

There are Foxfield souvenir stands in the Purple and Green sections during the race day or you may contact the race office if you would like to purchase merchandise prior to the race. 

How do I get a press pass?

In order to get a press pass you will have to be approved by Foxfield Racing LLC. For more information please contact the Foxfield Racing office.