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Welcome to the Foxfield Spring Races • Charlottesville, Virginia
About the Event

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I buy tickets?

A. There are several options for purchasing tickets.

  • On-line sales will be available through this website.  A link to the on-line sales will be posted on February 1st.
  • Call the race office, 434.293.9501 and anyone in the office can assist you with placing an order for tickets.
  • Outlet sales will begin April 1st. There will be a complete list of outlets on the Home Page prior to the beginning of sales.

Q. How do I keep my reservation?

A. If you have a pre reserved space, call the race office before March 22, 2019.  If you do not call by March 25,  2019, there is no guarantee that your space will be held.  You may call the office at (434) 293-9501.

Q. What is the difference between the different color-coded sections?

A. The Orange section tends to host students in the spring. The Green section is home to  alumni, students, and the general public. The Blue section is on the Outside Rail.  The Pink and Purple sections host Sponsors and Patrons.

Q. What’s the last day I can order tickets?

A.  The last day to purchase tickets on-line will be Friday, April 26, 2019 at midnight.  You will be able to purchase tickets through the race office up until the day before the races. You will be able to purchase tickets at select outlets on race day.

There is a $10 upcharge at the Gate for tickets on race day.

Q. What happens if I lose my ticket?

A. Please contact the Foxfield Race Office, 434.293.9501 and speak with the Ticket Manager, Kirsten Rhodes.  Foxfield will address lost tickets on a case by case basis.

Q. I didn’t receive my ticket at the right address, what can I do?

A. Please contact the Foxfield Race Office, 434.293.9501 and speak with the Ticket Manager, Kirsten Rhodes.  Foxfield will address lost tickets on a case by case basis.

Q. How do I get a tent?

A. Call the Office at 434-293-9501 and ask for Karen Bowling Dick (Sponsor Coordinator). Karen can also be reached at

Q. Who are the approved caterers?

A. Please click here to view the list of approved caterers.

Q. What should I wear?

A. You'll see everything from "Sunday Best" to "Country Casual" for both men and woman.  Women lean towards dresses, men are usually in shirt and tie often paired with khaki shorts.  Hats are a favorite of many who attend the races!   Remember to wear appropriate shoes or boots, you will be in a field.

Q. How do I get there?

A. Please click below to see and print directions to the Foxfield Race Track and Office.

  • Directions for invitation parking and buses - click here
  • Directions to reserved spaces - click here

Q. Is food available at the races?

A. There are vending stands with food for purchase in the Green Infield. We are designed for tailgating at a pre-reserved pre-paid parking spot during race day.  We encourage you to bring food and beverages and tailgate during race day. Of course, we always suggest that you bring plenty of snacks and water of your own.

Contact the race office, 434.293.9501 to reserve your parking spot for the day!

Q. What are the rules and regulations for race day?

A. Please click here to view or print our rules and regulations. Please read carefully, as you are agreeing to this by purchasing tickets to The Foxfield Races.

Q. Can I drink alcohol?

A. Only if you are 21 years old or more and the alcohol is lawfully acquired.  Please review the rules for details.

Q. Can I leave my car overnight?

A. You may leave your car overnight. The gates will open the next day at 9:00 for you to pick up your car. You will be able to pick up your car within 48 hours of the race event. After that, you run the risk of being towed. The Foxfield Racing Association encourages those who have consumed alcohol to leave their vehicles on the property and find a safe ride home.

Q. When/Where can I purchase Foxfield Merchandise?

A. There will be Foxfield souvenir stands in the Purple and Green sections during the race day or you may contact the race office if you would like to purchase merchandise prior to the race.

Q. How can I sign my horse up for the races?

A. In order to sign your horse up for the race day, you will need to speak to the Race Director, Mr. Patrick Butterfield, who can be reached at the Foxfield Racing Office. (434) 293-9501. Or contact the National Steeplechase Association at (410) 392-0700

Q. How do I get a press pass?

A. In order to get a press pass you will have to be approved by the Foxfield Racing Association. For more information please contact the Foxfield Racing Office (434) 293-9501.

Q. What is involved in becoming a Foxfield Sponsor?

A. Please contact Karen Bowling Dick, our Sponsor Coordinator, or contact the office at 434.293.9501.


2019 Race Sponsors

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